San Francisco releases Digital Inclusion Strategy

Emy Tseng, Project Director, Digital Inclusion Programs of the San Francisco Department of Telecommunications and Information Services, asked me to post the city’s Digital Inclusion Strategy, to share with other cities and also to get feedback from Muniwireless readers. The city’s Digital Inclusion program is intricately tied into the citywide Wi-Fi network that EarthLink and the city want to roll out soon.

Here is a summary of the program:

The San Francisco Digital Inclusion Strategy focuses on six major programmatic areas which together promote Digital Inclusion and more broadly empower people to effectively use computers with Internet access. Programs will be implemented in collaboration with partners across the community.

– Free and Affordable Wireless Internet Access throughout all of San Francisco will be offered through our partners, Google and EarthLink. In addition to a range of low cost, high bandwidth offers, the San Francisco program will offer a free basic service, designed for reading email and surfing the Internet.

– Computer Ownership and Basic Training Programs will expand PC ownership for all residents and to provide the basic skills training that will help new users effectively leverage these tools.

– Digital Safety and Responsibility Resources will be integrated into all programs to encourage people to use the Internet responsibly while protecting their digital privacy and security. Parents and other caregivers will be provided training and resources so that they can actively guide their childrens on line activities and protect their childrens digital safety.

– Accessible Solutions will be sought and shared to enable people with disabilities, seniors and those who need some form of accommodation to more easily use a computer and access the Internet.

– Enhanced Digital Literacy Programs that go beyond the basics to develop and support programs that enrich users experiences and enable people to move from novice to expert users, and for some to become digital innovators or professionals.

– Relevant, Multi-language Internet Content and Online Services such as the promotion of multi-lingual web portals, promotion of community based web sites, content development training programs, and new collaborations across San Francisco’s communities.

Go to the SF TechConnect website for more information.

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