Apple defies financial crisis: quarterly sales surpass $10 billion

How do they do it? Apple reported strong sales for the quarter that just ended, with revenues up 5.8 percent and profits up 1.5 percent. For the first time in its history, Apple recorded quarterly sales of over $10 billion. Other noteworthy statistics from Apple:

  • iPhone sales are up 88 percent from the previous year (they shipped 4.4 million iPhones);
  • 22.7 million iPods were sold in the last quarter (although iPod shipments increased 3 percent from the previous year, iPod revenue is down 16% from the previous year);
  • Mac Book laptop sales are up 34 percent from the previous year, but sales of the desktop units fell by 25 percent;
  • net income $1.61 billion up from $1.58 billion from the previous year.

As you can see from the figures, portable computers are selling better than desktops. You see this trend with the surprisingly robust sales of netbooks during the holiday season. Lower prices for large flat-screen monitors allow people to buy a Mac Book (or a Mac Book Pro), attach it to the flat-screen and have a “desktop” experience. No more having to synchronize a laptop with a desktop.

I would have liked to see the iPod figures broken down into iPod Touch versus other iPods. I recently bought an iPod Touch instead of an iPhone because I did not want to be tied to an expensive, long-term contract with AT&T. More on this in another article.