Europe opens up more spectrum for LTE

The European Union has added an extra 120 MHz around the 2 GHz band to the radio spectrum available for 4G technologies such as LTE. The latest move has been hailed as significant for operators who are struggling to meet the demand from users for mobile connectivity, especially via iPhones. According to the European Commission, […]

UCONNECT begins pilot testing for WiFi in public transport

UCONNECT is a public transport WiFi project for buses and other vehicles. It uses cellular and WiMAX networks as backhaul for providing WiFi to passengers. Members of the UCONNECT consortium for Wireless Smart Transport are: GOWEX (SME-Spain), Eclexys (SME-Switzerland), Brightcom Solutions (SME- Portugal), Autocares Jiménez (SME-Spain), Saphyrion (RTD performer -Switzerland) and Universitatea Tehnica Cluj-Napoca (Romania). […]

Xencode launches XenSurvey for cloud-based cellular broadband network analytics

Xencode, Inc., a developer of cloud-based applications for mobile communications, has announced the launch of XenSurvey – the first software-as-a-service (SaaS) network analytics platform to combine the flexibility of everyday Android smartphones and the scalability of the cloud to measure, analyze and compare multiple cellular broadband networks. XenSurvey empowers every telecom professional with a powerful, carrier-grade network […]

Tips on how improve WiFi in conferences and other crowded venues

We’ve all been to conferences and other types of events where there’s Wi-Fi service, but it is too slow or even unusable. I asked people who set up Wi-Fi networks for crowded events what one must do to ensure that users have a good Wi-Fi experience. One wireless ISP provided the following tips: (1) Plan […]

Mobile phone security: apps and hijacks

Mobile security, especially relating to mobile banking, is a major concern for many people today; many apps have been hacked and attacked. Are you worried about how much personal information may be leaked out once you download an app on your phone or how much of your banking information is safe once you have signed […]